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At Home with Frock Box

While we are all spending more time at home these days, our Stylists wanted to share some tips and tricks on bringing more comfort to both your space and wardrobe. Frock Box is all about comfort - it was one of the key factors that created it in the beginning!

Frock Box was born from the desire to have handpicked outfits delivered to your doorstep, to try on in the comfort of your own home. It started as a conversation between 3 new moms, who no longer had the time or desire to load their kids up to the mall, try on clothing under fluorescent lights in too small change rooms, and dress and style their new bodies. We want this service to create the most comfortable experience for our subscribers, as they work with their Stylist to redefine their style!

We have a saying at Frock Box headquarters - it's never just clothes. Looking and feeling your best, they go hand in hand. It's not the clothes that are transforming our subscribers, it's the confidence that comes from knowing you feel and look great! This then transcends into other aspects of your life - your work, your relationships and your space. Simple tips to elevate the every day is what we're all about!

Creating comfort at home is all about creating the right ambience. Ignite each of your senses, starting with your sense of taste! Baking is one easy way to do this, and is one of our Stylists favourite pastimes. You don't need a fancy occasion to make yourself a stunning, Instagram worthy dessert. It's all about celebrating the every day! With our At Home series, we hope to share all of our favourite recipes with you in the weeks to come!

Let's start off with one of our faves - cake! Below is our tried and true Vanilla cake recipe, with Buttercream icing from local baker Batter and Bake

Cozy it up! We are all about the fun, graphic sweatshirt right now for days and nights spent at home. Celebrate your sense of touch by wrapping yourself up in soft and plush sweaters and blankets, while enjoying your baked treat - or pint of ice cream - on the couch! Indulge in the Hallmark Christmas movies streaming 24/7 right now, or dive into The Queen's Gambit on Netflix. Whatever you're watching, set yourself up for the best couch experience by turning up the warm and cozy!

Light a candle or two, or diffuse your favourite scent into the air, to make the experience next level. We're all spending a lot more time at home these days it seems. It's a different world right now, as traditional celebrations and traditions may be on hold. We've been trying to embrace the little things, and make the most out of each day that we possibly can. Creating comfort at home is a great place to start!

And we must not forget our most favourite sense of all, our fashion sense! Let your Stylist know exactly what you're loving and needing in your wardrobe. Be sure to link your Pinterest board to your profile, to create an inspiring visual for her. Connect using the Notes to Stylist feature on your account to chat one on one! We want you to feel your best. Our goal each day, is to empower you through the outfits we send to your door step. Create the cozy from within!

We're all in this together, and we hope that these tips have inspired you, in some small way. Be sure to share with us if you try any of them out on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest!