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Wear the Swimsuit!

At Frock Box, we aim to help you with all of your closet needs, from head to toe! And in the summer months, this means swimwear too! We have the cutest swimsuits coming your way for the season. Some will be available for one time purchases and others for your Frock Box!

We've heard it straight from Subscribers, as well as from our team, that swimsuit shopping is usually not high on our list of "Things We Like Doing". We get it. Trying on swimsuits in a small fitting room, with fluorescent lighting and not a lot of feedback doesn't feel inspiring. Thankfully, we bring the swimsuits to you, to try on in the comfort of your own home!

Let's preview some of the upcoming styles below!

Off The Shoulder!

A huge trend that we are seeing for Summer is the Off The Shoulder trend! This goes for slouchy sweater, tank tops as well as bathing suits. It's a fun way to show skin, in a less obvious way that we love! Whether it's in a one piece suit, or a detail in a two piece, we think absolutely anyone can rock this style.

It might create some interesting tan lines, but slather on that SPF and you're good to go!

The New Two Piece!

The two piece has come a long way from the bikini! While we are all for a traditional bikini style, sometimes you want a little more coverage, especially if you plan on being active. The full coverage of a rash guard style is so appealing for spending all day in the lake or ocean. This style can take you paddle boarding, jet skiing and everything in between without ever worrying about fit! The highwaisted bikini is also having a moment, and we kind of love it. It feels sexy and cute without showing too much skin!

The options for two pieces have become so inclusive! And so much easier for bathroom breaks too!

Retro Flair for the Win!

Seriously. we love a good throwback. Whether it's a song or bathing suit style, we are here for it! Bringing some vintage flair into your swimwear is a great way to show style in an otherwise practical outfit. The ruching, prints and details are where it's at! These suits work great for lounging on the beach, or actually getting wet and going for a swim too! Don't live your life on the sidelines - dive right in and look cute while doing it!

Often times, we don't think of swimwear as an extension of our style, but it totally can be! Function and style can go hand in hand!

Wrap Style One Piece

At Frock Box, we typically avoid the word "flattering" because it causes us to ask ourselves, " who?" The only person you need to impress or "flatter" is yourself! But even we must admit what the power of a good wrap can do! Wrap style dresses, tops and swimsuits are such a great way to show off your shape! We love it in a one piece as it adds dimension to the suit, as well as some feminine details. And totally functional as well! A win win!

The most important person to dress for is yourself, and your swimsuit should make you feel empowered and beautiful!

We hope you liked this little preview of swimwear coming to Frock Box soon! If you're a Subscriber and you're interested in receiving bathing suits for the season, be sure to send a Note to your Stylist on your account to let her know!