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The Secrets to Style & Confidence Course Recap!

We had such a blast with you all on our latest course The Secrets to Style & Confidence! As usual, this community has totally blown us away with the sharing and participation shown throughout the last month. We just love all of your support on these courses!

We developed this particular course from a lot of the feedback we hear from Subscribers. So many of you want to feel put together, and like yourself, but don't know where to start. A lot of you also shared that you just don't feel confident on a day to day basis. This is really the key element in owning your style and looking and feeling great! So we got to work!

Week One in the course focused about defining your personal style! We helped by making a quiz that gave you 4 different options to define your style.

  1. Cute & Casual
  2. Elevated
  3. A Touch of Edge
  4. Boho Vibes

We also included Outfit Guides to give some guidance on how to make great outfits that speak to each style! Of course, there's a plethora of different styles out there and you can borrow what you like from each to make your style totally personal. This was just a very broad guide to give some direction to those who needed it!

Week Two was all about COLOUR! For this topic, we brought in expert Aline Mariano from Build Color Confidence to let us in to the power of colour. She was gracious enough to include her e-book for course Subscribers that is all about introducing colour into your wardrobe, and the benefits it can provide. If you're interested in this informative e-book, you can purchase your own here!

A few take aways from our conversation with Aline was to start small! If colour is new to you, start by incorporating it into your accessories and shoes. Or just try a t-shirt to start! If you aren't confidence matching colours, she suggested using a colour wheel which can be found online or at craft stores to get a better understanding of them all. And lastly, have fun with it! If you love a colour, it most likely will look great on you because you're naturally drawn to it! There doesn't have to be a bunch of rules to follow, listen to your heart!

You can find our Instagram Live with Aline archived in our IGTV or join our Insiders Group on Facebook to watch!

Week Three was all about those final touches - Accessories! We partnered with local jewelry designer Kristen Edmuston fromKemba Designs to chat about how significant your accessories can be in defining your personal style. We also included some sample Bags and Shoes that fit with our 4 Styles throughout the course, in case you needed some direction! You can check out the beautiful pieces from Kemba Designs here and catch our conversation with Kristen on our IGTV or in our Insiders Group on Facebook!

Week Four was all about Confidence! We included some sticky notes to print off and write affirmations or reminders to help inspire more self love! We also had an Influencer Glossary full of inspiring women on social media that would help diversify your feeds and brings more body positivity to your scroll. It's amazing how powerful it can be to surround yourself with that positive messaging, and how it can inspire and bring about change in your thoughts!

We had a Challenge in our Insiders Group on Facebook to share those affirmations and reminders with the group. They were all so powerful! Here are a few of our faves!

You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be."

Marianne Williamson

I am the best version of me.

Member of our Insiders Group

You cannot control your first thought, but you can always control the second one.

Member of our Insiders Group

Thank you to everyone who participated in The Secrets to Style & Confidence over the last month! Your stories, shares and views do not go unnoticed. We hope that you were able to take away some style tips and a confidence boost after hearing from our panel of experts, sharing with our community and applying it to your life!