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The Secrets to Style & Confidence

We had so much fun with our Capsule Wardrobe 101 course back in February that we thought we would do it again! From that Capsule course, we were able to learn so much about what Subscribers and women really wanted when it came to style. We got to work and created this really fun and empowering course called The Secrets to Style & Confidence!

This would be a great course for anyone, but especially if you feel you need a little pick me up when it comes to your closet and to your confidence. There's no denying it that this last year has been tough on so many people. We've heard it straight from our team and our Subscribers that getting dressed and feeling confident has been a challenge. We get it! Together with a panel of experts, we've crafted just the right amount of style and confidence driven information, printables, videos and challenges to totally kickstart your life!

The Best Part?

By taking part in our FREE online course, and joining our Insiders Group on Facebook, you are automatically entered to win a $500 Frock Box gift card!

The Stylists at Frock Box

We have some super empowering guest collaborators that we are working with on this course, and we can't wait to bring their expertise to our Frock Box community! We'll help you nail down your personal style within this course, as well as build up your confidence and self worth through challenges, messaging and a ton of support.

We are so proud of the amazing group of ladies who are a part of our Insiders Group on Facebook. They are always blowing us away by showing up for one another with encouragement and compliments. It's kind of wild and unbelievable, but it's something we are so so proud of. Be sure to check it out the group here to join in on the fun!

Feel Put Together & Empowered!

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