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Frock Box Does Laundry!

Let's talk about caring for your new favourite outfits! Are you the type of person to look for the care directions on the tag when you buy a new piece? Or are you a throw it in the wash and hope for the best kind of gal?

Either way, there is a benefit of taking a look at the fabric content and the washing instructions on your clothes. You might notice a pattern in brands, where they put the same care instructions on all of their pieces, or it might change based on the materials used.

Did you know that most manufacturers put "Hand Wash Only" on ALL items as protection again returns? Save yourself some time with our tips!

Rest assured, just because your shirt says hand wash only, that doesn't mean it's your only option! Most modern washing machines come with a "Delicate" or even "Hand Wash" cycle. These settings don't include hot temperatures or the use of an agitator, which are the main culprits when it comes to damaging delicate fabrics.

Using cold water for your laundry loads will decrease the chance of shrinkage or colour alteration on your garments. The "Delicate" function offers less agitation, even if your machine has a central agitator.

Another tip is to use mesh laundry bags for extra protection! Sometimes care instructions include hand washing because fabrics can easily snag or get pulled in a typical load of laundry. A mesh laundry bag helps protect the items inside from being thrown around with the rest of your clothing that might be rough or have buttons and zippers. An inexpensive solution that will save you time!

We always recommend you to hang dry any items that you are worried about to avoid any of them shrinking, no matter what the fabric content is! Better to be safe than sorry with your favourite pieces!

Sometimes, with delicate knits and wools, it's worth the time to drop them off for proper dry cleaning. Remember, items like cardigans, coats or shackets don't need to be dry cleaned after each wear. As long as they aren't suffering from a stain or odour, you can typically get away with only dry cleaning once or twice per season. Caring for your clothes will ensure they last longer and continue to bring you joy each time you wear them!

The dry cleaning game has changed! If you're only taking a few items once or twice a season to be cared for, the cost to do so can be quite manageable. The best part? Your clothes will love you back for longer!

If you have the time, or you don't want to risk it with some of your items that are hand wash, here are some tips to make the process easier for you!

Submerge your clothes in your basin or tub, filled with lukewarm or cold water and a mild detergent, and move them around to mimic a machine agitator. Only do a few items at a time, to give room for the clothing to move around. You want the soapy water to flow through them! Rinse each item under the tap to remove all the suds, without scrubbing or squeezing the fabric. Try to squeeze without wringing, especially on those delicate fabrics or if a tag specifically says "Do Not Wring". To get even more water out, lay your items on a clean, dry towel and and gently roll it up to absorb the moisture.

Fabrics that will need the extra care for handwashing would be wool blends, silk and pieces with beaded embellishments or lace.

A quick note on denim! A lot of modern jeans have a stretch component to them, like Lycra. With heat from your dryer, Lycra and spandex can stretch and detach from the fabric, resulting in bagged out or misshapen jeans. If you have jeans with stretch, we strongly recommend hanging them to dry!

You also do not have to wash your jeans as regularly, unless of course they are stained or have visible marks. This can help relieve your laundry duties for the week!

If you're worried about fading your denim, try putting them in the freezer instead of washing them, Yes, really! The cold air kills any bacteria. Just hang to dry, or thaw rather!