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Elements of Style: Monochromatic

Monochromatic means all one colour and is a really fun way to play with colour in your wardrobe, or you can keep it neutral for a totally different look! There is a certain level of elegance that comes with outfits that are only in one hue, and can really elevate your style. But the best part is, you can also go for a monochromatic look by playing with pattern! You can take this concept as basic or as wild as you feel!

Find Your Colour Story!

If you were following along with your Capsule Wardrobe 101, we discussed having your own personal colour wheel. Within this is all the shades and hues in your closet, or the ones you feel best in! Once you pair down your colours to your favourite ones, finding your colour story for monochromatic dressing should come as a breeze!

Don't be afraid to mix patterns in with your monochromatic colour scheme! If they compliment your main colour story, or are similar in hue, then they are all safe to use! This Element of Style need not only be used for neutrals or black!

Play With Pattern!

Dressing in a monochromatic colour palette instantly adds sophistication and edge to your look! It also makes the mixing and matching super simple.

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The Frock Box Feeling!

When you find your new dress in your latest Frock Box perfectly matches your shoes!