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Elements of Style: Masculine & Feminine

Taking your style to the next level is all about having fun, and playing with different elements of style to find which one suits you best. A really easy way to do this, is to pair really feminine pieces with more masculine or androgynous styles. It adds a level of depth to your outfit, and tricks everyone into thinking that you took a lot of time to plan your outfit! That "cool girl" style is all about this element. Read more below!

Textures and Details!

The key to this is being subtle. A tailored trouser in a traditional print like tweed, is a great starting point for this trend. Think of mens suiting, the suit pant or blazer. Adding a floral or ruffled dress to a tailored blazer is a great way to achieve this element, or like above, adding a feminine silk blouse to a suit style pant. Chic, put together and still very comfortable!

Add Some Edge!

Another great take on this element, is to add some edge! Typically, in fashion terms, masculine means rough around the edges. Distressed detailing either on pants, jackets or shirts totally fits into this category. We love a bold print on the bottom with a bit of distressing, with a feminine top, like this body suit with subtle ruffles on the sleeves and neckline. Pull it all together with a crisp white pair of sneakers and you are street edge at its finest!

Moto Jacket For The Win!

We saved the easiest trick of them all for last! Adding a moto jacket to your outfit instantly transforms it into that perfect put together look. You can go traditional with black, or play it up with a fun colour! It works for jeans and a tee, but also for a Spring dress! If you ever feel like something is too girly, or you can't quite pull off those feminine details all at once, adding a moto jacket is the perfect trick to have up your sleeve. It also adds sleeves to summer dresses for these transitional seasons, to get more out of your favourite pieces!

Your Stylist Can Help With That!

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